My baby is already one month old! 

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Dramatic Entrance

I can’t believe my baby is one month old already! One full month since I pushed her into this world, in a very quick, dramatic 40 minute labour. We were lucky to make it into the labour room! The first couple of minutes of her life were the scariest couple of minutes of mine. Because the labour was so quick, she was totally shocked when she came out, so purple and struggling to take her first big breath. She didn’t cry, and Kris didn’t get to cut the cord, because the midwife had to do it quickly incase they had to whisk her away! Luckily, and thanks to the quick actions of the midwife, Darcie let out the most amazing cry, and they put her straight on my chest!

In Love

I was instantly in love! Her smell, her eyes, that beautiful face. She was perfect, and had the most perfectly round head, that was thanks to the quick labour. I just soaked her in, I couldn’t believe she was here, she was mine! I did it! I was so relieved that the labour and the pregnancy was over, and my baby girl was in my arms. Kris was so in awe of her, it was the first time I had ever seen him cry. He was amazing! The perfect birth partner and support system and now Daddy!

Meeting his little Sister

Ben was the next person to meet his sister, he came to the hospital about 30 minutes after she was born! He instantly fell in love with this little baby who he’d spoke to for the last 9 months through my tummy. My heart melted more, and I just beamed with pride when I saw them both together. He is a fantastic big brother, and Darcie is so lucky to have him! He will take care of her for her full life.                                                                   

Coming Home

We were allowed home later that night to start our new journey as a family of 4.

Over the last month we have settled into our new way of life. We have gone from having full nights of sleep with Ben sleeping 12 hours, to sleepless nights again. They have been a struggle, but we have tried to tag team as much as possible to get some sleep. We have had struggles with breast feeding, will write more about that another day, and we are now responsible for a new little life. Emotions have been up and down, and Ben has adjusted really well.  We have just been living in our little newborn bubble. It’s been great!

Little Personality

Darcies little personality is starting to shine through. She is feisty! Has a fiery temper, and likes food! A lot! She guzzles milk like there is no tomorrow, and shouts at you if you don’t get it to her quick enough! She is such a diva. Haha. She absolutely loves music, and it calms her down instantly. She has cute little white patches of hair in amongst her dark hair! Her eyes are starting to turn blue now, they were brown when she was born. She has the cutest little wrinkled forehead, and beautiful big beaming eyes. She’s so alert and aware of what’s going on around her, and we even had her first smile this month. It’s been a quick month, but it feels like she has always been here. She has slotted into our family life perfectly, and I really can’t wait to watch her grow over the next month.

29 thoughts on “My baby is already one month old! 

  1. Congrats on your little one..Motherhood is a wonderful journey and they grow up very fast in the blink of an eye..Mine is already 3 year and i always felt that she was just born yesterday.

  2. your post took me back the memory lanes when I had my second baby. Nik was only three years then and had just settled into a full night’s sleep routine. Luckily the second one was quite a sleeper thus was quick in getting to a sleep over the night schedule. loved your post.

  3. Congratulations! Darcie is so lucky to have you as her mumma, I loved reading each and every word in this post, it was like I was present in those moments, that’s how beautifully you have penned down your journey. It was a nostalgic hit too. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to reading more about Darcie and your lovely family.

  4. Congratulations little squish will grow up very fast mine is soon going to turn one year old… I am like where all this months has gone and really appreciate you guys are working as a team it really helps s lot waiting for 2nd month bday

  5. Awww congratulations. Your post took me back to the days when my lil babyt was a tiny newborn. the first few weeks were a blur to be honest but I miss that so much… there was a lot of sleeplessness and fatigue but it was also pure joy.

  6. Wow loved reading about the one month account of little Darcy . Many many congratulations to you and your entire family . Looking forward to read more such cute things about the little one

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