Planning a Wedding 

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It was the 27th November 2016, and I stand hungover in my kitchen cooking dinner, and waiting on my boyfriend coming home from work. I had been out the night before and had a pretty big night with my friends. Feeling a little worse for wear and looking super rough…. no make up, and barely brushed hair! My boyfriend arrives home from work, and I hear him talking to my then 4 year old son. Not really taking any notice I continue to cook dinner, and wait for him to come into the kitchen. I then hear Ben run through and he just blurts out “mummy will you marry kris and make him my step daddy!” Kris is there down on one knee, and I couldn’t quite believe it! Yes of course I will! How random I said! The date had no relevance, there was no suggestion he was going to do it then, but he is random, really random, it’s one of the many things I love about him. Excited we opened the champagne and phoned around our families to let them know the great news.

So where do we start? How do we plan a wedding?! Well we decided to plan a baby first haha and now that she is here, it’s time to plan the wedding!

Pick a date – So we have a couple of other friends getting married over the next 2years, and we didn’t want to clash with their dates. So we sat down, looked at the months we couldn’t have our wedding, and then decided on May 2019. We then looked at all of the Saturdays in May, and decided we would go for the middle(ish) so the 18th was picked. Again no relevance, no significant romance to that date, just a day in May that we want to get married. It will however have a significance after 2019.

Venue – well we haven’t decided on much about this yet, except we know that we would like to get married at South Queensferry Registry office in fife, looking out onto the Forth Road Bride, and the beautiful views. We then just want a party at night with everyone we want and love there. No big fancy hotel wedding, nothing that would require me to take out a bank loan, something small, intimate and meaningful to us, and then cheap and cheerful where all our guests can have a great time and get drunk! To me and Kris, it’s more about the marriage than the wedding.

The dress – So even though I don’t want a big fancy wedding, I do want the wedding dress! I cannot wait to start dress shopping, but I have more weight I want to loose first. I do know I don’t want a big puffy princess dress, but I’m not quite sure exactly what type of dress I want. I’ve seen a couple that I really like, but I might try them on and they won’t suit my body. I also can’t wait to see my baby girl in a little dress that almost matches mine and my son in a kilt! Aw he will look so handsome 😍 Then the fun of taking the bridesmaids shopping for a girly day of cocktails and dress shopping! They don’t know who they are yet! Haha.

The Honeymoon – or in our case the Familymoon. The plan is to get a couple of nights away somewhere first just me and Kris, our mini moon, and then somewhere the 4 of us as a family. Another reason that we don’t want a big fancy wedding, we’d much rather have a big fancy familymoon 😂 Save the money to spend making memories with my husband and our kids. If anyone can recommend any great familymoon destinations, leave me a message below, I’ve no idea where we want to go. I know that we don’t want to go too far out as Darcie will only be a year and a half and from past experience as cabin crew, toddlers don’t do great sitting on long flights!

So I know there is so much to do planning a Wedding, and I’m not a great planner. I’m dreading all the planning if I’m being honest, but I can’t wait to marry the love of my life and make him my husband! I still secretly ( not so secretly now) think we should just elope! All wedding planning tips welcome! I think I might need them 🙊

8 thoughts on “Planning a Wedding 

  1. This is so sweet 😊My wedding is November 25th this year and it’s rediculous how much goes into planning a wedding! It will all be worth it! I hope you have an amazing wedding

  2. Congratulations! Planning a wedding is so exciting! I love the random dates. We did the same thing and picked a random date for our wedding. It makes that date special all on its own.

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