Why I hold my baby 

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How many times have you been told as a new parent, don’t pick the baby up, you will spoil him/her. It’s such a common phrase said to new parents, it’s even in some baby books!

Let me ask you, have you ever felt spoiled by having a cuddle? Do you have bad memories from your childhood because your parents hugged you? Have you ever caused havoc because you just wanted to sit and cuddle? (Ok, maybe I have done that one!) haha but in all seriousness, when I think of having a cuddle with those close to me, whether that be my children, fiancé or family, it fills me with happy memories. In fact I have my 7 week old cuddling into me as I write this. She’s sound asleep. It’s her favourite place to sleep.

I have this memory of when my son was born, we stayed the night in the hospital, and he was asleep, but I lay there with him snuggling into my chest, just staring at him, admiring him. The midwife came in and said oh it’s so nice to see a mummy cuddling her baby Instead of them being in the cot! I understand that mums are exhausted after having an baby, just as I was, but was it really uncommon for a mummy to cuddle her baby while they slept?!

I was a single mum for the first 3 years of my sons life, well almost 5 really, as my fiancé and I didn’t move in together until Ben was almost 5, but anyway, he used to sleep in my bed often, he’d wake up in the middle of the night to cuddle, he’s sit on the sofa with me and snuggle in. It was me and him against the world, and we had an unlimited amount of cuddles. Now I hope when he grow up, he doesn’t look back on his early years like he missed out on anything, but he was super loved, and it was showed in me picking him up as a baby, cuddling him, letting him snuggle in my bed at night, and never saying no to a cuddle. He is almost 6 now, and the cuddles are getting less and less because he’s “too cool” but he still climbs into my bed for the odd snuggle, and cuddles in while sitting on the sofa. The one thing that will never change is me never saying no!

My baby daughter is 7 weeks old, and last night she slept from 10pm to 7.30am! This isn’t uncommon with her at the moment, but the one thing that she needs is a cuddle to go to sleep. She will snuggle into my chest, take her dummy, and fall asleep almost instantly. I have to lie there for a good half an hour after before moving her, as she will wake up, but I really don’t mind. In fact I love it. I get to cuddle my baby! Me! So many people would love the opportunity to do this, and I get to. She snuggles into me during the day when she is tired and wants to nap. Sometimes I just lay there with her on my chest and enjoy doing nothing but cuddling my baby. Sometimes I will lay her down so I can get on with the housework or spend time with my son. If Darcie is unsettled, she may be hungry, tired, needing changed,l, or just wanting a cuddle. I will pick her up and I will make her feel better. She loves attention, and loves a cuddle, in fact I’m 100% sure it’s her favourite thing! It’s not just me either! Her Daddy will pick her up all the time, he will cuddle her and let her sleep on his chest. My son, her brother will cuddle her, he loves it as much as she does!

I love my kids, I love cuddling my kids. There’s nothing wrong with showing your kids how much you love them, and how much you want to comfort them by giving them a cuddle. Yet so many people tell you not to pick your baby up, not to constantly cuddle your baby, not to spoil them. We are a house full of cuddles and that will never change! What’s your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear other opinions. Leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Why I hold my baby 

  1. I absolutely love this blog! It bugs the life out of me when all the professionals who say don’t hold the baby all the time or don’t cuddle it! I think you can never get too many cuddles! Khloe loves to cuddle and has done since she was a baby, she doesn’t need it all the time to go to sleep but if she did I 100% would! They grow up so fast and it makes your bind stronger that they get a comfort from snuggling in!

    1. 100% Meagan! There really isn’t anything wrong with a cuddle. It’s crazy how many people tell you not too. Cuddle them while you can. Their childhood is such a short period of their lives. X

  2. Spot on shelle!! Studies show all cuddles do it enhance and improve brain development and reduce poor mental Heath later in life! Go you 😘

  3. What a lovely point of view. I am all for cuddles no matter what age but I believe that cuddling babies leads to happy, healthy and confident children. I have felt so sad recently watching mums with their children on the bus – engrossed in their phones while their toddlers try to attract their attention. Connection, physical and emotional is, I think, key to our development as human beings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Margaret 🙂 yeah there is nothing quite like interacting with your baby and toddler, when they start to get a bit older they want to do their own thing! Their childhood doesn’t last long, so I love to soak it up! 😍

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