My baby is two months old! 

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Wow it doesn’t even feel like a month since I wrote my last update! Well that’s her now hitting the 2 month mark in 3 days time! Ah I wish time would slow down! I’m soaking in every little minute, but it’s still going crazy fast! My maternity leave will be over before I know it!

So what has Darcie been up to this month. I mentioned in our last update that she had her first smile, well she hasn’t stopped smiling since, she has a big beaming smile, that lights up her full face, and completely lights up the room! She looks so much like her big brother, especially when she smiles! She has started to mimic what we do, in particular sticking out her tongue! She has even started to stick out her tongue this week when you say to her “are you cheeky, is Darcie a cheeky girl!” Aw it’s just amazing.

She doesn’t want to be a tiny baby that lays down and cuddles in, she wants to sit up and take in the world around her. She has even started to push herself forward unaided to try and be more upright! We have to keep our eyes on her all the time now, so she doesn’t flip forward! Haha. She loves to sit up in her pram when we are out walking, she is just taking in every little inch of the world around her. It must be amazing seeing everything for the first time! She has also started to push up on her legs. She has strong legs, you really wouldn’t think she is only 2 months old!

She is still the most content baby ever, she only every crys if she is hungry, and then she becomes hangry! Haha she is a little diva. She was unwell a couple of weeks ago and suffered from bronchitis and conjunctivitis at the same time! So she was quite unsettled that week, the only time she hasn’t been a content happy baby! It was awful! We felt so helpless! She also has 2 teeth poking through, which I wrote about in a previous blog My 5 week old baby is teething

Well it was Halloween this month too, and we went on our first pumpkin patch trip! We also got to walk an alpaca! Really random day out, Darcie slept the full time in her sling but we had an amazing day. She also celebrated her first Halloween party with her brother and was the cutest little witch, and her brother a vampire! She took it all in her stride and was awake for pretty much the full party.

We started baby massage this month, had our first class last week. She loved it! Was so chilled, and I loved spending that one on one time with her bonding. It was a great experience for both of us and we are looking forward to our next class on Wednesday! We were next to another mummy and her baby and she was only a week younger that Darcie but Darcie was so much bigger than her, about 3lbs heavier! 😳

Darcie is so chunky, I love her chubby cheeks, she just looks so cute, and so many people tell me how much they love her cheeks! Darcie just loves her food, she will guzzle a 5oz bottle in about 10 minutes, and sometimes looks for more! She fills herself up during the day that we are now sleeping through the night! I still can’t quite believe it! My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3, so when Darcie started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, we thought it was because she wasn’t feeling too great, but it has continued. She starts winding down around 8pm and is usually completely settled for 9/10pm and that’s her until 7/7.30am when she wakens up for a bottle. She will then go back to sleep between 10/11am for another couple of hours! The girl loves her sleep, and she does it so well! Haha. We haven’t particular got a strict bedtime routine, the only thing that she does need is to be cuddled to sleep have a look at my previous post Why I hold my baby  so I don’t think it’s anything we are doing in particular, she just likes to sleep. Hopefully it will continue.

Darcie still loves her music. When she’s tired I’ve started to sing (badly) or just hum a tune! and she will start to drift off. She smiles and I’m pretty sure dances! Moves her arms and legs around when we have music on during the day, she loves her play mat where she can kick her feet of the piano and it plays music.

lol Her little personality is really starting to shine through. She is a happy laid back baby, who just loves a cuddle and attention. She is cheeky, and just loves her big brother. She will smile as soon as she wakes up, and loves it when her daddy comes in from work. The smiles that she gives him just melts my heart, and makes his day. It’s been an amazing 2 months, and our little family has been made complete with Darcie coming into it. We are all so incredibly lucky to have her, and we are enjoying every minute as a crazy family of 5! (Including our crazy puppy!)

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