To vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question? 

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So Darcie had her 8 week check up today and her first set of vaccinations. I was dreading it. I don’t think there is anything quite so bad as seeing your baby in pain, and not being able to do anything about it. 
Her 8 week check up was first and apart from an explosive nappy that resulted in a full outfit change, it went really well. She passed everything that needed to be, and she is thriving! Drs words 😊 so obviously we are over the moon about that!

We then went to head back into the waiting room to wait for her vaccinations , when the nurse just told us to go into her room. My tummy was in knots, and I wasn’t even the one that was about to get pricked. Her Daddy was putting a brave face on too! He’s terrified from needles. The nurse got me to sign the paperwork. Four signatures were needed, for me to consent to my baby getting the vaccinations.

First one was an oral one, Darcie didn’t mind this, in fact she quite liked the taste, she was also given some paracetamol at this time too. Then came the needles! There was 3 separate injections! 3!! How is that fair? My poor baby had to get jagged on 3 separate occasions, 2 on one leg and 1 on the other. Oh my goodness, the scream she let out broke my heart! Then again, and then again!

As me and her daddy tried to comfort her, the nurse explained some of the side effects..fever, diarrhoea, swollen where the vaccinations went in. Then she said if she has a nappy that looks like jam then she needs to come back down! Like jam?! I wanted to ask what type of jam but in my upset stage I didn’t feel like joking. She also said that if anyone in the family has had chemotherapy or radiotherapy then they wouldn’t be able to change her nappy for 24 hours, because of something that comes out of the vaccine… now I’m not sure which Vaccine, again I was too busy trying to console my daughter I didn’t think to ask.

She has been unsettled all day, not like her at all. She sounds as though she is in pain when she crys. Even when drinking her milk, she’d stop every minute or so and let out a scream. It was awful to see, and I felt awful for letting her go through that.

<< w it got me thinking today. Am I an irresponsible mother who didn't do her research and instead just listened to the Drs. I've no idea what they have put in my daughter, I just know what it's meant to prevent her from. Or would I have been an irresponsible mother if I didn't go ahead with the vaccinations, and she was to become ill. I know this is quite a divided topic, and would love to hear other people's views on vaccinations. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.< p>< /p>

6 thoughts on “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question? 

  1. Heyy,
    Vaccinations definitely has divided opinions. I am not for it, and didn’t vaccinate either of my children (don’t shoot me guys!), but have NEVER felt secure in my decision and, like you, feel like ‘have I done my research properly, am I an irresponsible mother?’

    Trust your mother instinct and know that what you choose to do was what is best for your child. X

    P.s- being a blogger myself, this may be my next topic so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hey thanks for the comment, please leave me a link to your post if you decide to do it 🙂

      I’m all for following your motherly instincts, and I think no matter what we decide to do, we will always question ourselves. Thanks for sharing your take on vaccinations x

  2. Awww poor bubba! So the one you didn’t hear properly (that comes out of their nappy) is the rotavirus which is administered orally. It’s also good to ensure people wash their hands after nappy change. My daughter actually had the side effects – diarrhoea and tummy cramps 😩

    As a first time Mum (or second or third) a lot of information can be easily missed cos of the overload but don’t worry about it, judging from her pics on IG she’s obviously fine so keeping it going momma!

  3. Wow I’m actually quite surprised that you had to fill out forms and they even mentioned side effects. In the US they don’t tell you anything. Or only that they are totally safe and side effects see 1 in a million.

    I’ve chosen not to vaccinate my 3rd child. She turns 1 next month and is healthy as can be.

    I would urge you to research more before the next round. I admit it’s quite overwhelming. Either way wish your daughter good health!

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