Thank you to my Midwifes

Giving birth, one of the most natural things in the world, woman have been doing it since the beginning of time, you’d think it would be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately for some its not so easy. So much can happen during pregnancy and labour, to not only baby but mum too. In fact what woman put their bodies through is utterly amazing! If it wasn’t for the care of midwifes and other health care professionals, it would be a lot more dangerous to have children!

It’s no secret to anyone who has read my blogs, or knows me, I did not enjoy my pregnancies. For very different reasons, but my pregnancy with my second baby was particularly difficult, read all about that Here.

The start of my pregnancy wasn’t too bad, everything I suffered from was typical pregnancy symptoms, sickness, headaches, tiredness, but I was first at the hospital at 32 weeks with reduced movements. Usually a very active baby, when I didn’t feel her move for a few hours I was certainly concerned. I was told to go up to triage straight away and they’d listen in to baby. Once strapped up to the monitor she started to jump around like crazy, the midwife said they usually do that once strapped up to the monitors, and reassured me the baby was fine. If I had any concerns all I had to do was phone them again and I could go back up.

That was the beginning of my hospital visits, at 35 weeks I was admitted to hospital for suspected preterm labour, I’d been having contractions on and off all day, and once strapped up to the monitors the midwife was concerned that the baby was coming. I was admitted at around 3 am. My son had been diagnosed with slapped cheek syndrome early that day and because they didn’t know if I was immune or not they had to source a private room for me, so I didn’t potentially put other pregnant ladies at risk.

I cannot fault any of the midwifes that looked after me during my 4 days stay. I have the worst memory anyway, let alone when I was worried about my baby, so I’ve no idea of the midwifes names! I wish I could remember them. They were amazing! Anything I needed, or if I just wanted to talk they were there. I was hormonal and emotional, and missing my son at home. I was in pain with the contractions, and I had to have 2 steroid injections. That poor midwife, I burst out into tears when she gave me my first injection, and when I start, I just can’t stop, so anything after that just set me off.

I was allowed home after 4 days, but was back in to triage the day after with contractions again. I was examined and still no dilation! Turns out I had an irritable uterus and anything would set it off. I was in and out a few times after that, and the last time for reduced movements again! That baby of mine was a trouble maker, again was strapped up and reassured when the baby started jumping around.

I was offered an induction after having 2 episodes of reduced movements, I’d had such a rough pregnancy I jumped at the chance. I was in on the Friday to start my induction, and my contractions started almost instantly. I had an irritable uterus so I didn’t take much to set them off. My contractions got stronger as the night went on, and around 2am the midwife ran me a nice big bubble bath! Kris was allowed back up at this time too, so she showed him to the bathroom when he arrived. It helped a little, and I was given codeine to help with the pain. The midwife was lovely, so helpful and caring. I was examined and only 1cm! I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t even in labour yet! I told Kris to go home and I managed to get a couple hours sleep.

When my labour kicked off, it kicked off big time! I felt like I had wet myself so kris buzzed the midwife in to check if it was my waters, when she was examining me, my front waters completely went but I was only 3cm! Although I already had the urge to push! Midwife examined me again, 5 mins after my waters went, and I was 5cm. I could see the urgency in her face, as I wasn’t in the labour ward yet, they desperately tried to get a room ready, and grabbed some supply’s just incase.

The next thing I remember was them throwing a sheet over me and running down the corridor to the labour room, which wasn’t ready at all, but this baby was waiting for no one. I was pushing! Midwife examined me and I was 8cm, and she told me not to push, but my body just did what it wanted and out come Darcie. She was in shock, she was born too quickly, and was struggling to take her first breath. Kris wasn’t allowed to cut the cord and they had to do it quickly as they tried to get her to breathe. Luckily after a couple of minutes of vigorous rubbing of her chest she took her first breathe! That was an extremely scary moment, but if it wasn’t for my midwifes I dread to think what would have happened. She was pretty purple but was ok, and was put on my chest for skin to skin.

Labour with my son wasn’t bad until moment of delivery. His heart rate had dropped. This was most likely due to me been given morphine too late in my labour. I wasn’t examined and as it was my first baby they didn’t think I was so far on in my labour. I labour quickly, and it came as a surprise to everyone! I remember the midwife pressing the emergency buzzer, and all these people came rushing in, and they brought with them the resuscitation table. I just remember thinking to myself, you have to get this baby out now! With that he was out in around 4 pushes. His cord was wrapped around his neck and he was also pretty stunned, but he was ok. He took his first breathe straight away and was put directly on my chest.

If it wasn’t for my midwifes in both my pregnancies, I dread to think what could have happened. The support I had from all midwifes during my pregnancy with Darcie were fab! They listened to all my concerns and didn’t treat me like I was over reacting at all. Midwifes are invaluable, and I for one will always appreciate everything that was done for me and my babies! Appreciate your midwife, they are amazing! If it wasn’t for their hard work and quick thinking, I might not have been fortunate enough to have my two babies by my side.

I’d love to hear other parents experiences with their midwifes, comment below 😊

5 thoughts on “Thank you to my Midwifes

  1. My oldest was born blue and not breathing. Your heart really does stop, and doesn’t start beating again till your baby starts breathing. Glade everything worked out well for you, and that you had an amazing team assisting you.

  2. Wow! I read every word of your experience and was remembering mine! I had 14 hrs of labour followed by a C section, as she didn’t want to come out! True, midwives made life better throughout my stay at the hospital and later too (they come home for a few visits here to make sure we’re ok!). Big thanks to them indeed!

  3. I love reading birth stories like this!!! Brings back all the amazing memories! I am glad your sweet girl is here and healthy!

  4. That is so incredible I love reading birth stories. All my kids were about 2 weeks late and I needed to be induced b/c my doc wouldn’t let me go over 2 weeks. I thought it was normal to have NICU, respiratory and more in the room when you deliver (I didn’t realize that was abnormal until after my 3rd). Beautiful photos of your littles.

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