It’s OK Not To Be OK – An Interview about Bipolar

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It’s OK Not To Be OK – An Interview about Bipolar

Hi all, and welcome back to my blog. If you didn’t see yesterdays interview with Julie, get that here. Today is day 8 of my mental health awareness month, and today I am joined by a lovely lady who grew up with a mother who was suffering from bipolar. She is here to help me spread awareness, and share her story on how it felt for her growing up.

Mental health Hi, and thank you so much for taking part in my series, Please tell me a bit about your Mother.

My mum was going through early menopause in her late 30’s then unexpectedly fell pregnant with me to which the menopause was delayed however when it return I think this was a trigger for her bipolar or nervous breakdown as they called it back then.

What mental health condition does, or did your Mother have?

After years she was finally diagnosed with bipolar, however Mum wasn’t what you would call a typical bipolar. Nothing like you see on tv

When did you first notice that your Mother had a mental health condition?

I remember coming home from school, to be met by my auntie and Gran. They had said that my Mum wasn’t well. I think I was maybe around age 7.

How did this make you feel as a child? Did it have an impact on your childhood?

It was really hard because I was only told sometimes Mum doesn’t act herself. I didn’t really understand what was wrong or how to make it better. It was particularly bad, usually between the months of Jan-April.

Did your parent receive any help?

Over the last 5 years she has community psychiatric nurse involvement, and a psychiatrist. However back when I was younger, and after she was home from hospital, there was no help, it was up to family to keep her well.

Did you receive any support as a child?

I received no support as a child, which looking back, I think I probably should have had social work involvement, or a support worker to help me find ways of coping with my Mum’s illness. I had to stay with different family members when my Mum was in hospital, whichI found really confusing, and hard to understand why.

What was/is your main worry about having a parent with a mental health condition?

I think my Main worries were that I would get bipolar, or that my Mother would be hospitalized again.

 Do you feel there is enough support out there for parents with a mental health condition, and support for their families?

I feel that there should be more support out there for the family members. I really didn’t have enough support around me growing up. My Mother now attends Caledonia Clubhouse in Falkirk, Scotland. Which has been an excellent support for my Mum, and its great for her socialising, and keeping her mind healthy.

What advice would you give to parents suffering from a mental health condition?

I think that if you are a parent with a mental health condition, think of your children, and seek support at the earliest opportunity. The more support you have around yourself, and your family. The easier it is to deal with the diagnosis.

What advice would you give to a child who’s  parent/s suffer from a mental health condition?

That it’s OK, not to be OK.

Mental health Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these questions, and be apart of this series. Please show your support, comment, and share this post. Tomorrow’s post is with Kayleigh from Pigeonandthepeacock who is talking to me about having postnatal anxiety. Post goes Live at 9am!

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