Always Seek Help – A Parent with PTSD

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Always Seek Help – A Parent with PTSD – Mental Health Awareness

Hi all, and welcome back to my blog. Today is day 13 of my mental health awareness month. If you missed yesterdays interview with Sarah, get that here. Today I am joined by a lovely lady who watched her Mother suffer from PTSD. Please show your support, like, comment and share this post.

Mental health Hi, and thank you so much for taking part in my series. Please tell me a bit about yourself, and your parent.

I’m 26 years old, and my parents were together until I was 13 years old. When they split I remained with my dad who had at the time three older boys aswell as me. I was my Mums only child.

 What mental health condition does, or did your parent have?  

My mum suffers from PTSD

When did you first notice that your parent had a mental health condition?

I didn’t realise that my mother had PTSD until I was in my adult life,

How did this make you feel as a child? Did it have an impact on your childhood?

I suffered the same as my mum when I was a child, but this was caused by my father’s narcissist behaviour. I now have borderline personality disorder, which my therapist has told me that it stems from my father’s abuse.

Did your parent receive any help?

My mum tried to remain as a family for the sake of me as a child, and recieved no help until several years after she left my father.

Did you receive any support as a child?

I had child counselling as a result of sexual abuse.  I was ignored and make to feel at fault by my father (he didn’t sexually abuse me another family member did) but this was just as damaging.

That must have been really difficult to deal with, especially at a time you really needed a support system.

What was/is your main worry about having a parent with a mental health condition?

I believe if my mum had left sooner she wouldn’t have suffered PTSD and wouldn’t have been depressed. Studies have showed this can be linked to mental health issues in children later leading to adult life like I have.  I worry that this will impact the rest of my life.

Do you feel there is enough support out there for parents with a mental health condition, and support for their families?

I don’t, I saw a child counselor approx four times after sexual abuse and a serious suicide attempt (I ended up in hospital on life support for three days at the age of eleven) I felt nothing was ever solved or handled the way I needed it to be. These issues have now followed me into adulthood.

What advice would you give to parents suffering from a mental health condition?

Always seek help. If your unhappy leave,  your child witnesses everything, and it’s better to have a happy split family, than an unhappy family home which can be toxic to everyone involved.

What advice would you give to a child who’s  parent/s suffer from a mental health condition?

Talk to someone, a counselor, school a friend, anyone you can trust, However hard it may be, it’s better to deal with your problems at the earliest point so you can move on in your life, find coping strategies, leave the past behind you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these questions, Please leave a comment, and show this lovely lady your support. Tomorrow’s interview is with Vicki from mummaandhermonsters. Vicki talks about her battle with PND. Post goes live at 9am!

Mental Health Much Love 💕

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