Knowing I Wasn’t Alone Really Helped – Misa’s Story

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Knowing I Wasn’t Alone Really Helped – Misa’s Story

Hi all, and welcome back to my blog. Today is day 22 of my mental health awareness month. If you missed the last interview with Jess, get that here. Today I am joined by Misa from trulymadlygeeky who is talking to me about her postnatal depression, which was sparked by the death of a friend. Please show your support, like, leave a comment, and share this post.

Mental Health Hi Misa, thank you so much for taking part in my series, please tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Misa, I’m married and have three adult children and two teens. I live near Bolton in the UK and I’m a crochet designer, blogger, and all round geek

What type of Post Natal metal health condition did you, or do you have?

I had prenatal depression sparked by the death of a friend which continued after I had my baby.

When did you first realise that you had a mental health condition, what were your first symptoms?

After my friend died, I was numb. It was like someone had turned my emotions off. This state lasted up to the birth of my daughter and beyond. I stared at my baby and felt… nothing. It didn’t help that she was a colicky baby, or that there was just 14 months between her and her older sister. Thankfully, my health visitor picked up on my disinterest and diagnosed post-natal depression before things got out of hand.

That sounds like it was a really tough time, it’s great that your health visitor picked up on your symptoms early on. 

How did this affect your parenting?

Physically, it didn’t. I still fed her and changed her nappy – the things you’re meant to do – but I felt no connection to her whatsoever.

What was your biggest worry about having a mental health condition?

Before I was diagnosed with PND, I was petrified of harming my daughter and that I would never like her. I was also scared that I’d suffer from the same feelings with my subsequent children.

Did you receive any help? If so, what was it?

My health visitor was an angel and organised talking therapy. Knowing that I wasn’t alone really helped.

Has your mental health improved since?

Sadly not. Depression runs in my family and the PND developed into a mild form of bipolar.

What do you do personally, to help your own mental health?

My bipolar was managed by writing at first and now through crafting. I attend Start – an art therapy center in Salford – twice a week where I get to try new crafts and have access to talking therapists. This means that I don’t require medication.

That Sounds like an amazing center. I really hope support, and centers like this will run all through the UK soon. 

Do you feel there is enough support out there, for parents with a mental health condition?

No, I don’t, and support services seem to be diminishing. There’s also still a lot of prejudice surrounding mental illness in parents.

What advice would you give to parents suffering from a postnatal mental health condition?

This is difficult, because no one cure fits all. However, I do believe that finding something creative to do helps in both the process of making and having a finished project.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete these questions, and helping me spread awareness. If you would like to follow Misa’s journey, her details are below. Tomorrow’s interview is with Kathleen. Kathleen talks to me about battle with PND and Anxiety, post goes live at 9am!

Much Love 💕

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