Babies are Natural Yogi’s – Mother and Baby Yoga.

Babies are Natural Yogi’s – Mother and Baby Yoga

Yoga baby After attending Yogabellies with Vicky when I was pregnant, and loved every minute of it, I decided I was going back to her class once I had my daughter, and attend her mother and baby class. Read about the pregnancy yoga class here

It was so lovely walking into the class, and seeing ladies who were at my pregnancy class with their babies, and new mums that had joined the class with their babies.

Vicky was as welcoming as she was during the pregnancy class, and made everyone feel at ease. In usual tradition, we sat on the mats, and spoke about our week. We all had a lot to catch up on since the last time all met! This continues at the start of every class, it’s so nice to be able to speak openly about how you are feeling, without being judged by anyone in the class. It’s lovely to hear about how all the other babies are progressing, and watching them hit their milestones, and grow.

Yoga We move onto our breathing exercises, like we did in pregnancy, and get to zone into ourself. Although sometimes the babies don’t allow this, they just want to play, want fed, or they need changed! But anything goes in class, and I love that. I don’t feel bad when I have to sit and feed Darcie, or if she’s just wanting to play instead of joining in, it’s just nice to be amongst other mothers who’s babies are at the same stage, and are also causing chaos!

I love that the babies get to do some yoga too, with plenty of singing. Darcie is rolling now and trying hard to crawl, so a lot of the time she is trying to escape from her stretches! But she certainly enjoys the singing. She loves to see all the other babies, and on occasion has rolled over to their mat to say hello! Darcies little friend from little chicken crafts

Yoga Now it’s time for us mummies! Sometimes anyways! If our little cherubs allow us, we get to do some yoga of our own. For me personally it’s great to learn new yoga poses, I had never done any yoga until I was pregnant, so I’m still learning. It’s also great to get in a bit of a workout too, as it’s not always possible when your at home with the baby. We incorporate the babies into all of the moves, whether we are holding them, or if we are just talking to them, making eye contact throughout. They are a part of it, and it’s lovely to have that time to bond with them.

Towards the end of the class, it’s time for savasana. Vicky will read a meditation extract. These have been so helpful for me, as there has been some weeks, I’ve struggled with my anxiety, and her words really relate, and always make me feel better. It’s a great time to just sit and cuddle baby, and be in that moment. There’s always something so calming about vickys voice too, that you instantly feel relaxed!

Savasana Time for a cuppa and a catch up with the mummies! Vicky hires the room out for 2 hours, even though the class is an hour long. She brings cakes, flowers, and tea, and goes over and above what we expect. Sometimes that chance to sit and chat with the other Mums is just what we need. Especially if it has been a tough week. It’s great to know you aren’t alone. Vicky is more than an instructor, she has become a friend to us all in the class, she has been there throughout our pregnancy journeys, and is now watching our babies grow! So a big shout out to Vicky!

I really feel that yoga has helped with my anxieties, and I feel that it really helps people with their mental health. Keep a look out for a post about that coming out soon. I’d love to hear other Mothers experience with Mummy and baby yoga!

Namaste 🙏🏻

Challenges of a Working Mother – Can Women really have it all?

Can women really have it all? The career, husband, children, social life? The answer, yes, you probably can, but it’s likely to come at a cost. To me, this is so frustrating. I was, and still am a woman who wants it all, I don’t want to give up my career to look after my children, and I don’t want to miss out on important milestones in my kids life because I’m working. I have to try and split my time between home life and work.

So what do we do? How can we have it all? Can we do it without it coming at such a cost? If there is, I haven’t found it yet. I’m hoping my career in blogging and vlogging will take off, and I will be able to be at home working, and looking after my children at the same time. Thankfully at the moment, I am on maternity leave, so I haven’t had to worry about what is written below for a few months, however that is about to come to an end in April when I’m due back at work.

Fortunately our household has just had a shift in dynamics, and my partner has gone part time at work. This will allow me to go back to work part time without the worry of looking for suitable childcare, or being able to afford it. Private childcare for babies is crazy expensive, and I’d be paying out any extra money I’d earn working full time on childcare. It will also allows us to share responsibility, and take it in turns to do the school run, attend school events, look after the baby, and being able to spend quality time with the children.

Below are a list of challenges I have faced as a working mum.

1. Missing out on important school events

This was the one that happened all the time. My sons school are really great about involving parents in what they do. They have open days about learning, teaching parents basic French and Spanish to help with the kids homework. They have had cookery lessons, and open days about homework. I missed all of these because I was at work, and I couldn’t put in individual holiday dates, as I needed these for when the schools broke up for summer. I’d miss out on concerts, and assembly’s because I just couldn’t get away from work.

I remember one day in particular, and this probably sounds really stupid to most people, but I missed my sons pre-school graduation! I mean graduating from pre-school, it’s not that big a deal, but to me it was. I was so proud of my son, and I wanted to see him get his little certificate, and applauded him for doing so well! I missed it because I mixed up the dates and took time off for his end of year concert instead, which was still fantastic, and I loved every minute of it, but I was gutted that I had missed his graduation. My mum phoned me at work to tell me (as she had managed to go) and I stood in this tiny office, and cried! Cried like a baby, because I was gutted, and I felt that huge weight of Mum guilt getting heavier on my shoulders! My son will never remember that day, however I will always feel guilty for missing it. Fortunately this year I managed to go to his nativity play, that I had to miss last year, and it was fantastic. Fantastic not to feel that Mum guilt again!

2. Having to take time off work when your child is unwell

So here is the other end of the stick. When my son was unwell I had to take time of work. I was a single mum to my son for the first 4 ish years of his life. I was solely responsible for him, so I had to be the one that stayed home with him. My son picks up every bug and cold going, and sometimesI felt like, work are going to think I’m messing them about. I just couldn’t take any more time off work. So he had to go to my mums

house….que the Mum guilt again! Sometimes I’d be able to work from home, but that was only really in my last job. My previous employment was in care, so it wasn’t possible to work from home. I either had to let me employer down, or my son down. I didn’t want to do either.

A lot of employers aren’t sympathetic to your other role as a parent, especially if they aren’t a parent themselves, it can be really hard for them to understand why you need to be the one to take time off again.

3. Missing out on first words/steps/quality bonding time

I went back to work when my son was three months old. Due to being a single Mother, I had no other choice. I had to work, I had to provide for my son. So I missed out on so much of his early years. His first steps were caught on camera and sent to me, his first words, giggles, tucking him into bed every night. These were all things I missed. As a single Mum, you have to do, what you have to do, to look after your baby. I would work nightshifts, come home, and sleep for an hour or two, and then I’d go collect my son, and stay awake until bedtime. I’d be so tired sometimes, I’d be zoned out. So even if my son did do any firsts at that point, I wouldn’t be able to remember it anyway. I still feel a huge sense of guilt for not being able to either remember his firsts, or that I wasn’t even there to see them.

That was one thing I didn’t want to do this time. I couldn’t imagine missing all of those with my daughter. There’s a chance that I still might, while working part time, but I have a higher chance I won’t, as I am going to be at home more. One thing I always want from now on in, is to be tucking my babies into bed every night. Regardless if I have to go back to work part time or full time.

4. Not being able to have a family breakfast

This one was a more recent one, as the job I was in before I went off on maternity leave, was an office job, Monday to Friday, 9-5. Even those this has many perks, especially having my weekends off, and being able to put my kids to bed at night. My son had to go to breakfast club at school every morning. He’d be at school from 8.15am most days. Fortunately he loved breakfast club, and misses it sometimes now, with me being off on maternity leave. I still felt bad for him that as soon as he was awake, it would be a quick shower, dressed and into the car to go to school.

5. Trying to fit in home work, after school activities, dinner and quality time in within a couple of hours before bedtime

Oh my goodness, 5 year olds get a lot of

homework, he still gets lots of homework now, but we have more time to complete it. I’d really struggle with trying to fit all his homework in, especially as we weren’t getting home until almost 6pm most nights. We then had to get dinner, try and spend time together and fit in homework before bedtime at 7.30pm. We’d have swimming on a Thursday night too, so that day was out of the question all together to complete homework. It would be rushed and half arsed most of the time, and it usually result in us getting stressed at each other. Not how I wanted to be spending my quality time with my son after I got home from work.

6. Not being thought of for promotion

It’s no secret that gender pay gap still exits. Fortunately not in any company that I have worked with, but it defiantly still there. This goes for promotion and recruitment too. It has been known for employers to even ask woman if they plan to have children/more children in an interview! I never mention that I have my own kids in an interview unless asked. The fact that I had a child or children doesn’t affect how well I can do the job. Women are less likely to be considered for promotion or even have it mentioned to her if she has children! That’s just crazy, the independent wrote a good article about it.

7. Having to try and find childcare for during the school holidays

This is a massive pain. My sons school gets 7 weeks off during the summer! 7 fricken weeks. I get 28 days annual leave. I have to try schedule 2 weeks off, schedule my sons Dad having him a week or 2, him going to his grandparents house, my aunts house, and anyone else who is free to take him! Luckily I have a great family who always help out at the drop of a hat, but it’s still pretty stressful.

8. Fighting with the other parents at work to be the first to try and get the school holidays off.

On the back of that, you have to try and get your holiday dates in before the other parents to ensure you can get that time off. Most parents like myself, put those dates in as soon as the new holiday year begins.

9. Childcare! So pricey

I’ve been looking into childcare for going back to work, and one of the main reasons for both myself and my fiancé looking at part time work was because we’d be paying out anything extra we make working full time, into private childcare. Your talking on average £1000 a month! That’s just a crazy amount of money to pay out.

10. Having a social life

Trying to fit in a social life when being a parent and a full time worker is just so difficult. Luckily and not so lucky, me and my friends are mostly in the same position, so we understand. We try to get a catch up once a month, some months we see each other more then that, and sometimes we can go a full month without seeing each other at all. It really just depends on how busy we all are.

It’s really just a juggling act. You have to weigh up your tasks and priorities them. You can defiantly have it all, but you can’t have 100% of everything, and as a working mother, that’s something I will just have to learn to live with.

I’d love to hear how other working Mothers get on, do you face difficulties in your workplace. How do you juggle parent-life with a career? Leave you comments below.

Precence over Presents – My 5 Favourite Activities

Finally getting around to my first blog of 2018! What a crazy couple of weeks It has been! I love the festive period and everything it brings, especially the family time, which has prompted me to write this post.

So as you know if you have read my other blogs, I have a 6 year old and a now 4 month old. When it comes to 6 year olds they can have a list as long as their arm for Santa, and my son was no exception!

We went to visit Santa while on a day out, and when Santa asked Ben what he wanted for Christmas, my son replied with “oh I want lots of things!” I was so embarrassed! Mainly because he knows how fortunate he is to have what he already has, and happily gives toys away to children who aren’t quite as lucky as he is. However I suppose he’s just a typical 6 year old kid, who was excited about Christmas and what it would bring.

Christmas Eve brought even more excitement, and off he went to bed with hope of getting a lightsaber! Well he had only mentioned it a few days prior, and it wasn’t anything that we had bought him, and there was no way I was running out to buy him one. I had already bought him too much! They both got far too much for Christmas, as you just keep buying incase it looks like there isn’t very much. Next year I am planning on doing a 12 activities present, where they will get to open a new envelope each month with an activity that we can do together as a family that month! Whether that be a paid or a free activity.

The first thing my son did on Christmas morning was look and see if Santa had drank all of his milk, and had taken away the pictures that he drew for him!

There it was, the reason I am so proud of my son. Instead of running to the presents, he wanted to make sure Santa got his! (I am so glad I remembered to take the pictures away!) He then took it in turns to open his presents and help his baby sister open hers. He was just as excited for her presents as he was for his! Christmas is about giving, and spending time with people you love. That’s why it’s my favourite time of year. We continued the rest of the day with family at my parents house, eating, laughing and playing games all night.

It’s so easy to let a 6 year old to sit on a games console all day long and not really interact with them, because it’s easy, they are occupied, and they are not causing any hassle! Now don’t get me wrong, I let my son play the Xbox every now and then, but it’s only for an hour at a time, at the weekend, and he has to earn his time on it throughout the week. I really think our time together could be spent better, than me watching him play a computer game.

Statistics also show that interacting and playing with your child is great for their development. If nothing else it allows you and your child to bond, and make happy memories together.

Most of my favourite memories are from family days out, holidays, and just being able to spend time with my kids, enjoying their company. Below are a list of my 5 top favourite activities to do with my children, most of which are free, or cost very little money.

1. Family Games Night

This is a new tradition that we have brought in for 2018, we love to spend time together and play board games, so every Sunday night, it’s T.V off, phones away, no distractions. Just myself, Kris and my kids. We love it, even though my son get “board game rage!” Especially with Monopoly! Anyone else’s kids have the game rage? Haha, but it also helps with his learning, he’s counting, reading cards, and learning to take turns.

2. Long walks and going to the park

I love going out on family walks, there are so many beautiful places near by to go and visit. As well as some great play parks. The fresh air always helps us feel better, and my son loves an Autumn walk, where he can go digging around in the leaves! He’s just learning to ride his bike now too, but is still quite nervous about falling off! So the plan is to get out as often as possible to help him achieve his goal of riding without stabilisers.

3. Visiting the beach

Oh I do love to be by the seaside! I love it, the fresh air, the calmness of the sea, the laughter of kids running in the water and making sandcastles! We don’t have a beach on our doorstep, but it’s just a short drive away. Ben loves it! He runs in the sea, no matter how cold, looks for sea shells, and buries me and his Step Dad in the sand! I can’t wait for summer to come, so we can get our beach trips back. This time we will have little Darcie to show the sea and sand too! Ben will love that.

4. Swimming

Both of my kids are water babies, and we love the water! Swimming costs a little depending on where we go, but it’s totally worth it to see the pure joy on my children’s faces! We particularly loved when we were on holiday to Majorca, and had use of the outdoor pool whenever we wanted! Ben has been attending swimming lessons which he loves, and I will be looking for a swimming class for Darcie soon too. As much as they love swimming, I think it’s very important for kids to learn how to swim! You just never know when they might need to use that skill.

5. Spending time in the garden

We don’t have a particularly big garden with very much in it, and we don’t have many days in the year that we can just sit and relax, and play in the garden. But when we do, I just love it. My son will spend time jumping on his trampoline, bringing his action figures outside, and when we have the weather, playing in the paddling pool! In the winter we love playing in the snow, building snow men, making snow angles, but again we don’t get many days where we can, so we like to make the most of it.

What do you do with your children to spend time with them? What’s your favourite activity?

Much love 💕<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>

Breast or bottle, what did you choose?

From the minute you find out your pregnant it seems to be a question on everyone’s lips. Are you going to breastfeed or bottle feed? You are inundated with information on why breast is best in every Drs surgery, and health clinic you attend. Posters in the labour and antenatal wards on the best positions for the best latch. Great pieces of information to have, it was really helpful for me, but there was nothing on bottle feeding. The only thing that even mentioned bottle feeding was why it wasn’t any good compared to breastfeeding.

What did I choose?

I decided to breastfeed with both my babies, however in the end both babies were bottle fed. When I was pregnant with my first, it was completely unexpected, and I was living with my now ex mother in law and had very little money. So the biggest appeal to me was that it was free. It was one less thing to pay out for, and it was there for whenever my baby needed it. So it was a no brainier, I was defiantly going to breastfeed. Being a young and first time mum I didn’t really know all the other benefits to breastfeeding like I did second time round. I was more clued up on what breastfeeding had to offer, and Why it was the best milk for my baby. Second time around I was really wanting to do everything as natural as possible, from the pregnancy to labour and breastfeeding. It all had a massive appeal to me. I seen all these incredible mothers that looked like goddesses, and embraced everything about pregnancy and motherhood. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out like that for me, read Why I didn’t enjoy my pregnancy here. My breastfeeding journey didn’t turn out the way I wanted either both times, and that makes me incredibly sad.

Breastfeeding my son

When my son was born it took us a while to get the breastfeeding thing down. I lost count how many people had touched my boobs and nipples! Including my ex mother in law 😳 you really do loose all dignity when you have a baby. Once we got the latch right he took to the breast like a champ! Latched on great and fed every 2 hours! He’s defiantly going to be a boob man 😆 When the midwife came out to do his first weigh in he had gained! Usually newborn babies loose a percentage of their weight, but not Ben. He was getting a great amount of milk. He loved his milk, and the closeness it gave me with him was amazing. I felt incredibly proud, I was doing it. I was one of these goddesses that I looked up to.

Unfortunately I didn’t last long, after 2 weeks of breastfeeding bliss my milk dried up and disappeared! Just like that. Overnight. My boobs weren’t even sore, the milk had just gone! Strange isn’t it. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter and speaking with the midwife, and she explained that it was most likely down to me suffering from postnatal depression and being in a really bad place in my life. She had explained that my emotional state would have had an impact of my hormones and that could have caused my milk to stop producing. So not only did my relationship stop me from enjoying the first year of my sons life, but it stopped me from being able to breastfeed him. That will forever frustrate me! So I moved onto formula, I felt I had failed him. Like I failed as a mother. Everywhere you go and every health professional you speak to, tell you that breastfeeding is best. Yet I wasn’t able to do it anymore. So wasn’t I doing the best for my son?

Breastfeeding my daughter So when Darcie was born I knew I wanted to breastfeed her too. As soon as I could, I wanted that closeness with her straight away. I remember the midwife asking me if I was breastfeeding, and when I said yes, she replied with “good girl.” Does that mean if I said no, she would have looked down on me, said I was bad for not feeding my daughter myself? I wish I knew the answer to that one. So as Darcie was born really quickly, she wasn’t able to clear all the mucus out her lungs properly. I touched on her birth story on her one month update . She latched on straight away, but had struggles because she couldn’t breathe through her nose properly. The midwife said she would have a big vomit and clear her lungs and would be fine. We had issues with Darcie latching on and she was constantly on and off my breast, Darcie has an incredible suck on her. My nipples were in bits, I was in pain, and I dreaded each feed. This is not how I wanted breastfeeding to go. People make it look so easy on Instagram and Facebook! All these videos and photos of mothers really enjoying breastfeeding and I dreaded it. I was so jealous. I wanted more than anything to be able to successfully feed Darcie myself. So I decided to express. Even though I wasn’t able to directly feed Darcie from my breast, I still wanted her to get the breast milk. For some reason though, it’s not seen as breastfeeding, even though you are still feeding your baby breast milk. Why is that?

Expressing was difficult. Darcie is a hungry baby and I was struggling to keep up with her demand. I eventually got a supply going, although that was with me getting very little sleep. In the early days, Darcie could take up to an hour to feed, then it’d take me another hour to express, and then she’d wake up again, restating the process. I did all the night feeds as her Dad works long hours, and I could sleep when she did during the day.

I was getting more and more exhausted, to the point I was starting to feel ill. I just put it down to being tired, but when the health visitor came to visit me, she looked at me and said oh I think we need to phone a Dr. I felt like I had the flu, I had a fever and I genuinely felt the worst I had ever felt.

Turns out I had mastitis and quite a bad case of it. I had always thought there’d be a lump on my nipple where the milk was blocked, but my left boob just felt bruised. I had no idea that’s what it was. I was given antibiotics and anti-sickness tables and was sent home. However a couple days later I felt worse and ended up back at the hospital. With some new antibiotics and an anti-sickness injection, I started to feel myself again.

But during all of this, I started to feel my mental health deteriorate, and I just knew for me to enjoy my baby, I had to enjoy feeding her. I wasn’t any use to anyone especially my children being that tired. So after a long chat with my fiancé, we decided that moving onto formula would be best. I felt a lot better about my decision this time around. Although I am incredibly sad that it didn’t work out the way I wanted, I knew having a healthy baby that fed well, and my kids having a mother who’s mental health was in good condition was far more important to me that struggling through breastfeeding.

With the experience I’ve had feeding both my children, I feel as though there is an incredible amount of support out there for woman who choose to breastfeed. There are breastfeeding groups, advocates, lots of online groups. There is very little support out there for woman who choose to express. There are some online groups but that’s really about the extent of it. I personally found expressing harder, and feel that there needs to be a wider support group out there for these woman. Finally there really is no support out there for woman who choose to bottle feed. That in itself comes with many challenges, from which type of formula to use, which bottles. How to support your baby if they don’t feed well, if they have reflux (I know they can get that with breastfeeding too) it almost feels as though if you don’t breastfeed you get looked down upon. I know many woman who would have loved to have breasted and just couldn’t, and woman who just wanted to bottle feed their babies from the start. I personally think fed is best, but that’s just my opinion. What’s everyone’s experience with breastfeeding. I’d love to hear about other mothers challenges and success stories. Leave a comment below.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question? 

So Darcie had her 8 week check up today and her first set of vaccinations. I was dreading it. I don’t think there is anything quite so bad as seeing your baby in pain, and not being able to do anything about it. 
Her 8 week check up was first and apart from an explosive nappy that resulted in a full outfit change, it went really well. She passed everything that needed to be, and she is thriving! Drs words 😊 so obviously we are over the moon about that!

We then went to head back into the waiting room to wait for her vaccinations , when the nurse just told us to go into her room. My tummy was in knots, and I wasn’t even the one that was about to get pricked. Her Daddy was putting a brave face on too! He’s terrified from needles. The nurse got me to sign the paperwork. Four signatures were needed, for me to consent to my baby getting the vaccinations.

First one was an oral one, Darcie didn’t mind this, in fact she quite liked the taste, she was also given some paracetamol at this time too. Then came the needles! There was 3 separate injections! 3!! How is that fair? My poor baby had to get jagged on 3 separate occasions, 2 on one leg and 1 on the other. Oh my goodness, the scream she let out broke my heart! Then again, and then again!

As me and her daddy tried to comfort her, the nurse explained some of the side effects..fever, diarrhoea, swollen where the vaccinations went in. Then she said if she has a nappy that looks like jam then she needs to come back down! Like jam?! I wanted to ask what type of jam but in my upset stage I didn’t feel like joking. She also said that if anyone in the family has had chemotherapy or radiotherapy then they wouldn’t be able to change her nappy for 24 hours, because of something that comes out of the vaccine… now I’m not sure which Vaccine, again I was too busy trying to console my daughter I didn’t think to ask.

She has been unsettled all day, not like her at all. She sounds as though she is in pain when she crys. Even when drinking her milk, she’d stop every minute or so and let out a scream. It was awful to see, and I felt awful for letting her go through that.

<< w it got me thinking today. Am I an irresponsible mother who didn't do her research and instead just listened to the Drs. I've no idea what they have put in my daughter, I just know what it's meant to prevent her from. Or would I have been an irresponsible mother if I didn't go ahead with the vaccinations, and she was to become ill. I know this is quite a divided topic, and would love to hear other people's views on vaccinations. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.< p>< /p>

My baby is two months old! 

Wow it doesn’t even feel like a month since I wrote my last update! Well that’s her now hitting the 2 month mark in 3 days time! Ah I wish time would slow down! I’m soaking in every little minute, but it’s still going crazy fast! My maternity leave will be over before I know it!

So what has Darcie been up to this month. I mentioned in our last update that she had her first smile, well she hasn’t stopped smiling since, she has a big beaming smile, that lights up her full face, and completely lights up the room! She looks so much like her big brother, especially when she smiles! She has started to mimic what we do, in particular sticking out her tongue! She has even started to stick out her tongue this week when you say to her “are you cheeky, is Darcie a cheeky girl!” Aw it’s just amazing.

She doesn’t want to be a tiny baby that lays down and cuddles in, she wants to sit up and take in the world around her. She has even started to push herself forward unaided to try and be more upright! We have to keep our eyes on her all the time now, so she doesn’t flip forward! Haha. She loves to sit up in her pram when we are out walking, she is just taking in every little inch of the world around her. It must be amazing seeing everything for the first time! She has also started to push up on her legs. She has strong legs, you really wouldn’t think she is only 2 months old!

She is still the most content baby ever, she only every crys if she is hungry, and then she becomes hangry! Haha she is a little diva. She was unwell a couple of weeks ago and suffered from bronchitis and conjunctivitis at the same time! So she was quite unsettled that week, the only time she hasn’t been a content happy baby! It was awful! We felt so helpless! She also has 2 teeth poking through, which I wrote about in a previous blog My 5 week old baby is teething

Well it was Halloween this month too, and we went on our first pumpkin patch trip! We also got to walk an alpaca! Really random day out, Darcie slept the full time in her sling but we had an amazing day. She also celebrated her first Halloween party with her brother and was the cutest little witch, and her brother a vampire! She took it all in her stride and was awake for pretty much the full party.

We started baby massage this month, had our first class last week. She loved it! Was so chilled, and I loved spending that one on one time with her bonding. It was a great experience for both of us and we are looking forward to our next class on Wednesday! We were next to another mummy and her baby and she was only a week younger that Darcie but Darcie was so much bigger than her, about 3lbs heavier! 😳

Darcie is so chunky, I love her chubby cheeks, she just looks so cute, and so many people tell me how much they love her cheeks! Darcie just loves her food, she will guzzle a 5oz bottle in about 10 minutes, and sometimes looks for more! She fills herself up during the day that we are now sleeping through the night! I still can’t quite believe it! My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3, so when Darcie started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, we thought it was because she wasn’t feeling too great, but it has continued. She starts winding down around 8pm and is usually completely settled for 9/10pm and that’s her until 7/7.30am when she wakens up for a bottle. She will then go back to sleep between 10/11am for another couple of hours! The girl loves her sleep, and she does it so well! Haha. We haven’t particular got a strict bedtime routine, the only thing that she does need is to be cuddled to sleep have a look at my previous post Why I hold my baby  so I don’t think it’s anything we are doing in particular, she just likes to sleep. Hopefully it will continue.

Darcie still loves her music. When she’s tired I’ve started to sing (badly) or just hum a tune! and she will start to drift off. She smiles and I’m pretty sure dances! Moves her arms and legs around when we have music on during the day, she loves her play mat where she can kick her feet of the piano and it plays music.

lol Her little personality is really starting to shine through. She is a happy laid back baby, who just loves a cuddle and attention. She is cheeky, and just loves her big brother. She will smile as soon as she wakes up, and loves it when her daddy comes in from work. The smiles that she gives him just melts my heart, and makes his day. It’s been an amazing 2 months, and our little family has been made complete with Darcie coming into it. We are all so incredibly lucky to have her, and we are enjoying every minute as a crazy family of 5! (Including our crazy puppy!)

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Why I hold my baby 

How many times have you been told as a new parent, don’t pick the baby up, you will spoil him/her. It’s such a common phrase said to new parents, it’s even in some baby books!

Let me ask you, have you ever felt spoiled by having a cuddle? Do you have bad memories from your childhood because your parents hugged you? Have you ever caused havoc because you just wanted to sit and cuddle? (Ok, maybe I have done that one!) haha but in all seriousness, when I think of having a cuddle with those close to me, whether that be my children, fiancé or family, it fills me with happy memories. In fact I have my 7 week old cuddling into me as I write this. She’s sound asleep. It’s her favourite place to sleep.

I have this memory of when my son was born, we stayed the night in the hospital, and he was asleep, but I lay there with him snuggling into my chest, just staring at him, admiring him. The midwife came in and said oh it’s so nice to see a mummy cuddling her baby Instead of them being in the cot! I understand that mums are exhausted after having an baby, just as I was, but was it really uncommon for a mummy to cuddle her baby while they slept?!

I was a single mum for the first 3 years of my sons life, well almost 5 really, as my fiancé and I didn’t move in together until Ben was almost 5, but anyway, he used to sleep in my bed often, he’d wake up in the middle of the night to cuddle, he’s sit on the sofa with me and snuggle in. It was me and him against the world, and we had an unlimited amount of cuddles. Now I hope when he grow up, he doesn’t look back on his early years like he missed out on anything, but he was super loved, and it was showed in me picking him up as a baby, cuddling him, letting him snuggle in my bed at night, and never saying no to a cuddle. He is almost 6 now, and the cuddles are getting less and less because he’s “too cool” but he still climbs into my bed for the odd snuggle, and cuddles in while sitting on the sofa. The one thing that will never change is me never saying no!

My baby daughter is 7 weeks old, and last night she slept from 10pm to 7.30am! This isn’t uncommon with her at the moment, but the one thing that she needs is a cuddle to go to sleep. She will snuggle into my chest, take her dummy, and fall asleep almost instantly. I have to lie there for a good half an hour after before moving her, as she will wake up, but I really don’t mind. In fact I love it. I get to cuddle my baby! Me! So many people would love the opportunity to do this, and I get to. She snuggles into me during the day when she is tired and wants to nap. Sometimes I just lay there with her on my chest and enjoy doing nothing but cuddling my baby. Sometimes I will lay her down so I can get on with the housework or spend time with my son. If Darcie is unsettled, she may be hungry, tired, needing changed,l, or just wanting a cuddle. I will pick her up and I will make her feel better. She loves attention, and loves a cuddle, in fact I’m 100% sure it’s her favourite thing! It’s not just me either! Her Daddy will pick her up all the time, he will cuddle her and let her sleep on his chest. My son, her brother will cuddle her, he loves it as much as she does!

I love my kids, I love cuddling my kids. There’s nothing wrong with showing your kids how much you love them, and how much you want to comfort them by giving them a cuddle. Yet so many people tell you not to pick your baby up, not to constantly cuddle your baby, not to spoil them. We are a house full of cuddles and that will never change! What’s your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear other opinions. Leave a comment below.

My 5 week old baby is teething! 

I write this as I sit with my beautiful daughter lying on my chest sleeping. I’m exhausted, but too scared to move, it’s the most she has been settled all day. I have had very little sleep over the last couple of days, and neither has she.

The last 2 days have been the hardest days since Darcie has been born. My usually super content baby has been so unsettled and crying constantly. I’ve tried feeding her, changing her, giving her a bath, her dummy, nothing worked. I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. The only thing that will settle Darcie is for her to be lying across my chest. She won’t even settled for her Daddy. Nobody will do except from me.

I had a feel about her gums, just incase. Not really expecting to find anything. I mean she is only 5 weeks old! I’ve heard of babies teething really young, even to be born with a tooth or two, but my son didn’t cut his first tooth until he was about 6/7 months old.

There it was, top left hand side. I can feel this little sharp bit on her gum. Her first tooth trying to poke through.
Now don’t get me wrong, it’s my job as her mummy to be there and comfort her, but it’s really hard work when she won’t settle for anyone else. I haven’t even had a shower today! I have become quite good at brushing my hair and doing my makeup one handed now though! My house is upside down, I have a pile of washing that’s piling up and needs put away. My 5 year old has had clubs this week and my other half has been working 12 hour shifts. All things which are normally just part of every day life and are easy, but when Darcie won’t let me put her down becomes abit of a challenge. I just wish there was something I could do that would help her.
I can see her getting frustrated too. She is super tired, but is only falling asleep for short periods of time. I just feel so bad for her. I know how painful it is when a wisdom tooth comes through. Poor babies.

I have a sling, but I haven’t mastered how to wear it yet, I think I will have to have mastered it for tomorrow so I can get things done. I have caffeine and sugar to help get me through the day tomorrow, not great for my wedding diet but will keep me functioning until Kris gets home from work, but for now I can see a long night ahead of me. Atleast she gives the very best cuddles, and that makes me smile 🙂 Wish us luck!

My baby is already one month old! 

Dramatic Entrance

I can’t believe my baby is one month old already! One full month since I pushed her into this world, in a very quick, dramatic 40 minute labour. We were lucky to make it into the labour room! The first couple of minutes of her life were the scariest couple of minutes of mine. Because the labour was so quick, she was totally shocked when she came out, so purple and struggling to take her first big breath. She didn’t cry, and Kris didn’t get to cut the cord, because the midwife had to do it quickly incase they had to whisk her away! Luckily, and thanks to the quick actions of the midwife, Darcie let out the most amazing cry, and they put her straight on my chest!

In Love

I was instantly in love! Her smell, her eyes, that beautiful face. She was perfect, and had the most perfectly round head, that was thanks to the quick labour. I just soaked her in, I couldn’t believe she was here, she was mine! I did it! I was so relieved that the labour and the pregnancy was over, and my baby girl was in my arms. Kris was so in awe of her, it was the first time I had ever seen him cry. He was amazing! The perfect birth partner and support system and now Daddy!

Meeting his little Sister

Ben was the next person to meet his sister, he came to the hospital about 30 minutes after she was born! He instantly fell in love with this little baby who he’d spoke to for the last 9 months through my tummy. My heart melted more, and I just beamed with pride when I saw them both together. He is a fantastic big brother, and Darcie is so lucky to have him! He will take care of her for her full life.                                                                   

Coming Home

We were allowed home later that night to start our new journey as a family of 4.

Over the last month we have settled into our new way of life. We have gone from having full nights of sleep with Ben sleeping 12 hours, to sleepless nights again. They have been a struggle, but we have tried to tag team as much as possible to get some sleep. We have had struggles with breast feeding, will write more about that another day, and we are now responsible for a new little life. Emotions have been up and down, and Ben has adjusted really well.  We have just been living in our little newborn bubble. It’s been great!

Little Personality

Darcies little personality is starting to shine through. She is feisty! Has a fiery temper, and likes food! A lot! She guzzles milk like there is no tomorrow, and shouts at you if you don’t get it to her quick enough! She is such a diva. Haha. She absolutely loves music, and it calms her down instantly. She has cute little white patches of hair in amongst her dark hair! Her eyes are starting to turn blue now, they were brown when she was born. She has the cutest little wrinkled forehead, and beautiful big beaming eyes. She’s so alert and aware of what’s going on around her, and we even had her first smile this month. It’s been a quick month, but it feels like she has always been here. She has slotted into our family life perfectly, and I really can’t wait to watch her grow over the next month.