Thrive – The App That Helps Your Mental Health Thrive!

Thrive – The App That Helps Your Mental Health Thrive!

Disclosure In the age of technology, there are so many different websites and Apps out there to help people who suffer from mental health conditions. I have recently downloaded an app called Thrive, and I can safely say, that this is one of my favourites!


Thrive is an app specifically designed to help people who suffer from mental health conditions, and for me personally I really needed something that would help me when I was struggling, and right now, I’m struggling with my anxiety. So it was perfect timing to try out the app.

When I first log into the App, it asked me about how I’m feeling, and a sliding colour scale. Red feeling rubbish – Green feeling great. As my anxiety levels are pretty high, I sit in the bottom end of the Amber colour.


Working my way through the App it then asks me why I’m feeling that way. Lots of suggestions come up in bubbles on the screen, and all I have to do is click which ones are relevant to me. This process continues, so it can find out the cause of my anxiety. This also works if your feeling great too, and you are at the top end of the scale. It looks at why you are feeling happy. It’s a great way, to gain appreciation of what makes you happy in life.

Depression and anxiety

Working through a questionnaire, the app helps to assess how I am feeling. Like I said previously, my anxiety levels are high, so I knew my results would come back to suggest that, which they did. It offered me a very helpful link to the NHS website, a number for nhs direct and the Samaritans helpline. It also gives me suggestion on what could help ease my anxieties.


This app has a lot of features, that are all amazing, the ones below are my favourite, and help me the most.

Meditation – I love yoga and meditation, so this part of the App is defiantly my favourite. It allowed me to zone out of life, and zone into myself. I had a variety of different sections to complete once in the meditation part of the app. It’s a great way to relax particular at bedtime, and when I feel my anxiety taking over.


Message in a bottle – This is where you can write words of encouragement to other people that use the app, and send it in to a bottle. I love this, as it lets you connect with other people who are struggling with similar battles to yourself.


Breathing – Much like meditation, being in touch with your breathe, and learning to control it, to help you relax is great. Especially if your anxious about something, it’s great to take time to concentrate on your breathing, and calm yourself down.


Progress– This part of the App allows your to track your progress of your mood, it’s a good way to look and see if certain dates, times, months trigger your mental health, it also allows you to see if you are imporoving, and if the app is helping your mental health get better.


These are just a few of the amazing features of this app. I am loving it, and it’s really helping me out. Below is the link to the App, aswell as a code to receive a free trial! Please try it out and leave your feedback, I’d love to hear how everyone else is getting on, and If it helps them as much as it helps me!

Where it states I have a coupon, enter the code below 🙂


Mental Health Awareness Series

Mental Health Awareness Series – Why I want to spread awareness.

Hi all, and welcome to my blog. If you have been following my social media you would have seen that this month I am looking to spread awareness of mental health conditions.

Be courageous I have had the pleasure of speaking to some of the most courageous people over the last couple of weeks, and they have been kind enough to share their stories with me. Throughout the month of March I will be sharing these interviews with you, through daily blog posts.

Please help me share awareness and show support by sharing these posts. I also welcome my readers to share their stories with us too. The more people talk about mental health conditions, the more we can lessen the taboo. The online community can be a great place to seek support in one another too.

Inspire others Why Mental Health?

So let’s start about why I’m doing this. When I was pregnant with my first child, I suffered from prenatal depression. I was in an unhealthy relationship, and I felt as though I didn’t want my baby. It really is the worst feeling in the world as a mother. I kept beating myself up about it, I mean what kind of mother doesn’t want her baby? That’s all that kept going around in my head. The truth is, I was made to feel so worthless in my relationship, I didn’t think I was going to be a good Mum. I didn’t think I was worthy of being my babies mother. It was all too much for me. I was battling with my head constantly. It was exhausting.

I also suffered from postnatal depression with my first baby. I mean that was probably a given considering I had prenatal depression. I was terrified if I spoke up my baby would be taken away from me. Read about my battle with prenatal and postnatal depression here.

I had my second baby in September last year, and I was so conscious of my metal health throughout and after. However it wasn’t depression this time, it was anxiety. Every little thing during my pregnancy worried me, made me think something was wrong with the baby. I was in and out of the hospital more times that I can count throughout my pregnancy, and my anxiety was through the roof after I had her. I couldn’t handle her being away from me. It was crippling, it gave me panic attacks. It was exhausting. Read about my battle with anxiety here.

I have also had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing young people who had been through so many traumatic events in their life, and suffered severely from various mental health conditions. Yet it’s not talked about openly like a broken limb would be, or a migraine, or anything that’s visible. Just because someone suffering from a mental health condition doesn’t have a big sign on their head, doesn’t mean it’s not crippling them inside.

My my goal – to spread awareness into how crippling mental health conditions can be, and to encourage others to speak up, speak out and seek support.

My first interview is with Becky, a fantastic lady I know through an online group. She has struggled with social anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. She has bravely spoken out about her mental health condition. Please come back, and share your support. Going live tomorrow at 9am!

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Much love 💕

Be Strong