Babies are Natural Yogi’s – Mother and Baby Yoga.

Babies are Natural Yogi’s – Mother and Baby Yoga

Yoga baby After attending Yogabellies with Vicky when I was pregnant, and loved every minute of it, I decided I was going back to her class once I had my daughter, and attend her mother and baby class. Read about the pregnancy yoga class here

It was so lovely walking into the class, and seeing ladies who were at my pregnancy class with their babies, and new mums that had joined the class with their babies.

Vicky was as welcoming as she was during the pregnancy class, and made everyone feel at ease. In usual tradition, we sat on the mats, and spoke about our week. We all had a lot to catch up on since the last time all met! This continues at the start of every class, it’s so nice to be able to speak openly about how you are feeling, without being judged by anyone in the class. It’s lovely to hear about how all the other babies are progressing, and watching them hit their milestones, and grow.

Yoga We move onto our breathing exercises, like we did in pregnancy, and get to zone into ourself. Although sometimes the babies don’t allow this, they just want to play, want fed, or they need changed! But anything goes in class, and I love that. I don’t feel bad when I have to sit and feed Darcie, or if she’s just wanting to play instead of joining in, it’s just nice to be amongst other mothers who’s babies are at the same stage, and are also causing chaos!

I love that the babies get to do some yoga too, with plenty of singing. Darcie is rolling now and trying hard to crawl, so a lot of the time she is trying to escape from her stretches! But she certainly enjoys the singing. She loves to see all the other babies, and on occasion has rolled over to their mat to say hello! Darcies little friend from little chicken crafts

Yoga Now it’s time for us mummies! Sometimes anyways! If our little cherubs allow us, we get to do some yoga of our own. For me personally it’s great to learn new yoga poses, I had never done any yoga until I was pregnant, so I’m still learning. It’s also great to get in a bit of a workout too, as it’s not always possible when your at home with the baby. We incorporate the babies into all of the moves, whether we are holding them, or if we are just talking to them, making eye contact throughout. They are a part of it, and it’s lovely to have that time to bond with them.

Towards the end of the class, it’s time for savasana. Vicky will read a meditation extract. These have been so helpful for me, as there has been some weeks, I’ve struggled with my anxiety, and her words really relate, and always make me feel better. It’s a great time to just sit and cuddle baby, and be in that moment. There’s always something so calming about vickys voice too, that you instantly feel relaxed!

Savasana Time for a cuppa and a catch up with the mummies! Vicky hires the room out for 2 hours, even though the class is an hour long. She brings cakes, flowers, and tea, and goes over and above what we expect. Sometimes that chance to sit and chat with the other Mums is just what we need. Especially if it has been a tough week. It’s great to know you aren’t alone. Vicky is more than an instructor, she has become a friend to us all in the class, she has been there throughout our pregnancy journeys, and is now watching our babies grow! So a big shout out to Vicky!

I really feel that yoga has helped with my anxieties, and I feel that it really helps people with their mental health. Keep a look out for a post about that coming out soon. I’d love to hear other Mothers experience with Mummy and baby yoga!

Namaste 🙏🏻

Namaste – Yoga in  Pregnancy – Yogabellies


Namaste – Yoga in  Pregnancy – Yogabellies


When I was pregnant with my son in 2011, I really struggled with my mental health. I suffered from both prenatal and postnatal depression (this is something I will write more in depth about at a later date) so I knew this time around, I had to make sure I made my mental health a priority.

When I came across YogaBellies Falkirk page on Facebook, I was instantly interested. This was a new class starting, and I thought this would be perfect to try and keep my mind healthy and happy. I did some research and messaged the instructor, Vicky. I had never done any type of Yoga before, so wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the class.
Vicky got back to me straight away with information in regards to what classes she offered, Vicky recommended the YogaBellies for pregnancy class. The class was due to start in July, and was £89 for a block of 8 lesson. I would have been around 27 weeks pregnant, perfect for heading into my third trimester. I couldn’t wait to start the class.

Prior to the class starting, I had been sent out a few emails with links to videos, and online classes, and more information about why Yogabellies can benefit you in pregnancy, not only physically but mentally too. This made me more excited to start the class, and I knew I had made the right decision!

So my first class came, and I was so nervous. First of all I drove to the wrong place! That was totally my fault haha, so I felt a bit flustered when I arrived at the class. Although I didn’t need to worry, as I walked into the class I was greeted by the instructor, who had a super welcoming smile. She was lovely! I instantly felt at ease. The room looked lovely with yoga mats set out, and a little pile on top of the mats with a cushion, a blanket, and a yoga strap. In the middle of the room was a blanket with twinkly lights around it. There was soft soothing music on in the background, and an aromatherapy diffuser. The room was so calming. We were also all given a goody bag for starting, and inside had massage oil, different types of tea, a sample of water wipes and more.

Vicky made an effort to speak to everyone as they came in, and made everyone feel at ease. There’s nothing quite so daunting than sitting in a room full of people you don’t know and to try and talk! Well for me anyway. But as we went round the room and introduced ourself and how far on in our pregnancy we were, we all started to feel more comfortable. This would be something we would do every week, and speak about how our week had been. This I found great, especially being able to vent about a rough week, and sharing everyone’s joy as they reached certain milestones in their pregnancy.

We then moved onto our breathing exercises. These are what I found most useful in the beginning stages of my labour, and during certain parts of my pregnancy. We’d learn different techniques for each stage of labour, and I’d totally zone out during these, and just enjoy the peaceful and content feeling.
After this we’d do our yoga poses. These were adapted towards each individual. Everyone was at different stages, some ladies had done yoga before, and others like myself has never been to a yoga class. In fact my son knew more yoga poses than me! Some weeks I had bad pelvic pain, so each exercise was adapted to support this. Some ladies had high blood pressure, and sciatic pain, and again each pose was adapted as per the ladies needs. Even during these we were concentrating on our breathing, as well as strengthening our muscles for labour.

For the last 15 minutes of the class we’d get to zone out, and lie down under a blanket. Vicky would turn the lights off, and read a meditation extract. Her words and voice were so calming, it was easy to drift off, and forget about everything else in the world. It was a perfect time to zone in on my unborn baby, and just bond with her. I’d place my hand on my belly, and imagine what it would be like when she arrives, I’d imagine how my labour would be (didn’t happen how I’d imagine lol) I’d imagine what my baby would look like, how she would be when she was older. Her playing with her brother. I loved this part, I genuinely felt so relaxed and happy in my pregnancy. For me this was amazing as I hated being pregnant, but for the hour and 15 minutes each week, I enjoyed my my pregnancy!

Yogabellies for pregnancy is one of the only things I miss from being pregnant and I can’t wait to start the mother and baby yoga classes with Vicky. I’d recommend all pregnant woman to go to a Yogabellies for pregnancy class. Not only do you get to meet other pregnant ladies in your area, and talk to people who are going through the same as you, It’s great value for money, great for your physical and mental health, and a fantastic way to bond with your unborn baby. I loved every minute of it.